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IS iPhone 7 Plus worth buying?

iPhone 7 plus takes the familiar iPhone formula and tweaks it once again. It’s not going to wow you with a new design or massive innovations, but the iPhone 7 Plus is a great phone.


Weight: 188g
Dimensions: 158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3mm
OS: iOS 10
Screen size: 5.5-inch
Resolution: 1080 x 1920
CPU: Apple A10 Fusion
Storage: 32/128/256GB
Battery: 2,900mAh
Rear camera: 12MP
Front camera: 7MP


  • Excellent camera
  • Solid battery
  • life Class-leading performance
  • Potent speakers
  • Heaps of power for slick performance
  • Bigger storage available (256GB)


  • Obviously expensive
  • No headphone jack
  • Design is showing its age
  • No changes in the quality of screen from its previous version

Features that act as deciding factor for this new purchase.


The new home button is actually a touchpad and one need to press in order to use the button functionality. Initially, it feels awkward and it feels like you’re almost bending the glass on the front of the display, but you’re not. We got used to the new setup after just a few hours though, and it probably is just a hair quicker than the traditional button on previous iPhones.


There is not a huge improvement compared to its previous peers but a full charge will comfortably last for a day. Apple never reveals the battery capacities of its phones but experts digging has found the info and it looks like the iPhone7 Plus has a 2900mAh power pack compared to 2750 mAh in 6S plus and all this was possible because of removal of the headphone jack. Even with all this, you will, more than likely, end up charging the iPhone 7 Plus every night, as it certainly won’t see out two days between plug-ins – and top-ups aren’t overly quick, with no sign of the fast-charging tech.


Now, this one thing about iPhone has been a revolution in the mobile industry. The dual lens in the rear camera will really amaze you. If you are not a professional photographer then this one will definitely put your thought on hold to carry bulky DSLR camera with you. Rest all camera properties are similar to earlier flagship cameras. But every good thing has a loophole and its limitation. In this case portrait mode (means when you want your background blur) will only work when your object is at 2.5 meters distance with adequate illumination around. if this condition is not satisfied then oops you can’t have a portrait effect. Moreover, don’t expect to take your selfies in portrait mode because your dual lens is with the rear camera. Even with these limitations, i can guarantee you that these camera lenses will awe you. Check this out to know iPhotography wonders.

Earphone Jack:

Although this is a drawback to some i don’t think this might be your deciding factor to buy an iPhone 7 plus. Earphones are there with type c USB. So you will not be able to charge and listen simultaneously. But hang up with that absence of Jack is going to provide you with a couple of extra hours of juice. Moreover, even if you don’t want to spend those 15k bucks on apple ear pods, you can buy cheaper ones that satisfy your need.


Now the storage capacity will be a lesser issue as we have better storage iPhone available (128 and 25 GB) but definitely with a cost.

Waterproof and dustproof:

Yes you dont need to woory in rain about your phone but definitely you will not jump in lake/pool with your expensive gadget

Dual speakers:

It makes the iPhone 7 Plus great for those who like to game or Netflix on the go without the hindrance of headphones.


Big battery, dual cameras and more RAM under the hood, provides excellent performance . So with the performance of phone you will never get disappointed.

The camera is a serious revolution from previous iPhones, and with its easy-to-use interface and definitely you will love to explore your photography skills with this beast in your hand.

Add to that the water resistance body and you’ve finally feel like you have an iPhone which can survive the little mishaps life throws at you, which is good news for the more active.

Even if with all this one can definitely think to spent this much. I think if you are seriously not too much of a iPhone addict, think twice before you get a hole in your pocket.