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Upgrading to latest iPhone? Read before you buy

The excitement was rife on its tenth anniversary, Apple was expected to put its best foot forward. On September 12, the tech giant launched the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the magnum opus iPhone X (pronounced iPhone 10). Apple has always surprised it’s customers with unique features but this time it surprised with their launch price too. While many technology enthusiasts will gladly spend this amount to upgrade their technology, the price has left others balking. Apple has always used pricing strategy to keep their products in the premium category. Though it will depend in coming time whether it’s worth the price or not. But seriously with such a huge amount of money, we can definitely think few better things to do. Here are some suggestions to look before burning your pocket: For majority Indian demography, 1L INR is a huge amount of money

  • One can simply invest it anywhere and see one’s money grow,
  • One can also think of buying a new small car by putting a down payment with the same amount of money.
  • But if you are really a tech douche-bag and you have to have latest tech features on your phone(I have seen such creatures), Go for non-flagship brands and you might end up saving a lot of money together with your accomplished desires.

Finally, it’s your money and you can definitely take your mature decision.

Why are people crazy about iPhone?
The answer is obvious. Firstly physical design of an iPhone, it is sleek, handy, just one physical home button, and the built-quality is exceptional as well. Secondly the software designs – iOS, it is smooth, lag-free, easy to use. Unlike Android, it doesn’t give you many options to customize, and that is what the mainstream users like. And finally the brand value – as soon as you see the Apple logo, you don’t have to think further. No matter how much you hate their products, you know one thing for sure – the products are well-built, reliable, and fancy-looking and Apple is a luxury.

My Verdict:
If you think about the design and its software iPhone X is worth buying but if you if you think about it pragmatically, the iPhone X does not really seem worth the exorbitant cost(but this is my an individual opinion). While features like wireless charging, a bezel-less design, facial recognition and an OLED display are new to the iPhone line-up, they have been found in Android smartphones for quite some time now. So for me, I will wait for the next iPhone event launch so that price drop(for iPhone X) might attract me to go for the beast.
However, an Apple fan will always find an appropriate reason to buy its new iPhone. Apple has always provided us with the technology which is undeniably fascinating. From the sleek design to ease to software, iPhone is undoubtedly making people go crazy about it. Moreover, the cameras are always a revolution and have definitely made every next guy a photographer. So with all mixed feelings, my opinion is its one individual choice whether or not to invest this big chunk of money. I don’t criticise or motivate anyone to buy or not to buy this BEAST.