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iPhone X or iPhone 8 / 8 Plus, which one is worth the buy ?

There is actually a huge confusion among iPhone lovers to decide between iPhone X or iPhone 8/8 Plus. The difference between these iPhone models is similar to flying first class compared to economy class. We always envy first class, but economy always keeps the majority in the budget.

The iPhone X will be available in November whereas iPhone 8 and 8 Plus is available now with a tag price of around  USD 700, which is approx USD 300 less than the glitzy iPhone X’s price.

What we will miss if we choose iPhone 8 / 8 Plus?

The iPhone will have a fancy infinite display that flows from edge to edge with much better resolution. The iPhone X is compact, yet features a screen larger than iPhone 8 Plus. The X will also have Animojis which you might miss in iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Lastly, the unique face unlocking feature of X gives a bit edge compared to their juniors.

Although 8 has none of the above features, it does share other new goodies the X is getting, including wireless charging.

WIreless charging:

One can say Apple is embracing wireless-charging technology that Android phones have from years but in a way, wireless charging makes up for Apple’s earlier decision to ditch the headphone jack in the iPhone 7. One can charge the phone and use wires headphones simultaneously. Also one can charge the phone with the mobile cover if any, ON.

Wireless charging is all about convenience, just put the phone on the charging pad for sometimes and you get your iPhone all juiced up. Apple says, in coming months it will boost wireless charging power by 50%, which will speed up the things further.


Colors on the screen of the new iPhones adapt to the lighting condition of the environment, that means it will be softer to one’s eye, though it can make images appear less natural so there is a facility to turn it off. Resolution of 8 is not as sharp as X, but 8 and 8 Plus offers enough pixels for HD videos at the highest quality. Summing up one might feel the urge to spend 300 bucks extra to get those extra pixels.


Cameras have always been a revolutionary for the iPhones. iPhone 7 plus came up the new feature portrait mode provides the bokeh effect. Both X and 8 and similar cameras. This time iPhone have filters to mimic studio and other lighting conditions. The most unique and I think majorities favorite is stage light, which highlights the subject’s face and darkens the background.

Price Tag:

The iPhone 8 is around USD 50 expensive than iPhone 7 cost at launch. The S8 still outsold the last year’s S7. What this conveys is that Apple lovers are willing to pay.

Nonetheless, I would have preferred the option of a cheaper, lower storage version. Finally, your’s decision will be depending on your pocket and budget.