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The advantages and disadvantages of switching to iOS from Android.

Apple has already launched its latest smartphone called iPhone X, and many people are thinking about upgrading their phone to this latest version of iOS. Owners of previous versions of iPhone already know the pros and cons of iOS, but what if an android owner wants to switch to iOS. Before switching from android to iOS one should know what are benefits as well drawbacks of the switch. Android accounts for more than 80% of the smartphone sales; it simply means android has a lot to offer to its customers. So why switch to iOS?

Advantages of switching to iOS 

  1. Smooth and hassle-free working of iOS is definitely a plus point with iPhone. Also, the speed of the software is not comparable to that of Android.
  2. The camera of iPhones is incredibly good and the photos taken with iPhone is vibrant and natural looking; they also have features such as shoot in slow motion mode, so it is beneficial for photo-loving people and can be used for several work-related photography options.
  3. Since iPhone updates are available more frequently than that of Android, it is more protected to malware. Also, apple controls the availability of apps to their costumers hence there is regular filtering of apps.
  4. With the new feature called “family share” of iPhone, it is possible for family members to check on their kids.
  5. Apple also has better customer support than many Android phone makers, if anything is wrong with your phone you can visit your nearby Apple store and get help for your problem. Though several manufacturers of Android offer good and satisfactory service to their customers, Apple still has hassle free support.

Everything which has advantages has their disadvantages as well, and so has the iPhone. Apart from several tremendous features which Apple has to offer its customers, it has few serious disadvantages over android.

Here are some disadvantages of switching to iOS from Android:-

  1. One of the most significant drawbacks of iPhone is lack of options for unlocking the phone, whereas Android gives its users a wide range of options, such as fingerprint recognition, password, patterns etc.
  2. Android gives freedom to its customers to customize their phone according to their needs, which completely lacks in iPhone. Android phones can be customized to every possible aspect without hampering the working of the device. From apps to widgets you have plenty of choices, and it’s always better to have control over the device we use in terms of customization.
  3. Use of accessories such as an earphone, USB cables, is restricted in iPhone, and hence it does not allow people to have access to these accessories from stores other than Apple store. Whereas most of the android phones have 3.5 mm jacks for headphone hence it is very convenient for users to have accessories of their choice and also a single USB cable can be used for almost all the android phones.
  4. Android offers best of the features at the very affordable price. It offers a wide variety of devices with different designs and price. Hence customers have a big market to choose from, according to their requirements and budgets as well.
  5. Google assistance of Android phones is extremely powerful and very prominent, and it is also available for iOS phones. Though Apple has its own artificial intelligence “Siri” and it is improving with every next generation of iPhone, but it is still far to beat Google assistance.
  6. Google Drive offers 15 GB of free storage, with unlimited photos upload for Android users, whereas in iPhone it is a bit costly.
  7. One does have a choice to increase the storage of one’s mobile by adding a microSD card which is absent in iPhones (To increase the storage you need to seriously spend heavy bucks for iPhone)

Final verdict

Android offers a huge choice for its customers, but if we consider ease of working, speed, and quality of the camera, it’s better to switch to iOS. Though Android has many features which are not comparable to that of iOS but switching totally depends on the demands of each customer.