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Whats is Facebook blood donor feature and How it works?

What comes to your mind when you hear Facebook or WhatsApp or similar social media app. I don’t know what majority thinks but my mind picturizes it as a platform where people socialize by sharing photographs of what they are eating, reading, where they are vacationing and similar to such stuff.

Seriously I have never been such kind of person but I have never hated the idea too. I was impressed with the idea when Social networking giant Facebook rolled out a new feature in India, that will enable individuals and blood banks to connect easily with nearby blood donors. This feature has been rolled out since 1st October 2017.

How it Works

Sign up on the popular online platform. You might see a notification from Facebook to do the same as they are promoting this feature for all the good reason. The users have the choice to keep this information private or to share it as the donor status on their respective timelines. Signing up is quite an easy process by replying a simple question: Have you ever donated before? + Letting Facebook know your blood group. After signing up whenever there is a requirement of blood nearby, by an individual or an institution, you will be notified. If the donors wish to respond, they will instantly contact the requester through Messenger, WhatsApp, or a phone call. The best part of it is that user info will be hidden from the person seeking blood unless you choose to provide your details.

Its quite a noble cause and I will request all you guys to sign up for the same. You might be a life to someone.