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5 Free best video editing application for your smartphone

A decade ago, I remember when we used to sit and watch the EDITED marriage videos for hours that awed us always. I had sometimes thought what a great expertise those cameraman guys have and even I wished to acquire those skills to some extent. Today I can say I have those skills which I once dreamt of…hahaha. Thanks to technology. Now we can shoot and edit videos like a pro on our mobile phones.

These days with superb camera feature on your phone may allow you to capture great picture or videos but one finds a need of editing app to make the videos or picture more dramatic and eye-catchy. In this article, we will be solely focusing on 5 best free video editing app for your mobile.


It is the best video edit tool for your smartphone. One can create a slideshow of the media files such as images, soundtracks etc and some basic editing such as trimming, merging, cropping, rotating to the videos. Other cool effects available are an overlay and the filter effects, animated text and title effects, motion elements etc. The interface is very easy to use and one can easily edit share to their social media platform with just a few click. Available on both ANDROID and iOS.


For iPhone users, this is a boon. It is the inbuilt app, which comes with your phone, is one of the best editing app for your iPhone. iMovie is Apple’s standard video editing app, with which you can make your videos into a gorgeous home movie with titles, transition, and sound effects etc. With few taps and swipes, your video is in very much in a presentable mode and ready for share. Available only on iOS.


This one is one of my personal favorite apps. The beauty of the Quik app is that it can do about 60 percent of the editing work for you automatically. After the automation part is done you can then fine tune the edits as per your creativity. The Quik was previously known as Replay. Quik also scans your phone’s videos and presents you with an automatically edited highlight video every week-similar to Google Photos app. It is the editor that lets you create polished videos, with titles, transition, music, and more, in a matter of minutes. Available on both ANDROID and iOS.

Kinemaster(Free+in-app purchase)

It is the first and only professional video editor available for android device. Its feature is on par with any PC video editing software. It is a professional-grade video editing app. Its slick multitrack video timeline gives you the ability to drag and drop content as you wish. Once editing is done you have the option to save in different resolution, up to 1080p, or share on your favorite platform. Available on ANDROID.


Magisto is easy to use editing app. their main aim is to turn the images and videos into stories in just a few seconds. It can enhance your videos in a few click. Magisto is free for both iOS and ANDROID users still, they have a business plan that allows you to reorder movie scenes.

Happy editing!