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Simple measures to protect your PC from cyberattack/ransomeware

The incidents of Ransomware has soared since last decade, with criminals lured by the promise of profit and ease of implementation. The main targets are businesses rather than individuals, where the potential prize is higher but this does not give the individual an upper hand. One needs to be precautious all the time. Prevention is better than cure. Follow below steps to protect your PC from ransomware.

  1. Back up your data regularly
  2. Use reliable security software instead of any next door software. Some good names are Mcafee, Kaspersky.
  3. Always keep software updated on all your devices
  4. Adopt good housekeeping practices to limit the ability of ransomware to spread and impact data. These include: segmenting the network, not automatically allowing admin rights to anyone, and restricting write access to data.

If still you are attacked by ransomware, don’t panic:

  • Use a clean system to check the No More Ransom site, where you may find decryption tools to get your files back.
  • Don’t be in hurry to pay the ransom immediately, this will validate their business model strategy and there will be no guarantee that you’ll your data back
  • Report to your local law-enforcement agency.

Stay safe !