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I lost my smartphone, I wish I had known this.

In the current digital world, Smartphone is ones right hand. We are so much dependent on our smartphones that we cant think a day staying without it. Imagining to lose ones smartphone is like a nightmare. We have tonnes of personal data stored that we can’t risk it. Moreover, the cost of smartphones nowadays is like half a month salary.(Excluding the case for Apple and Samsung, where even the full monthly salary will not suffice). So if you have the same feeling that you cant risk losing your smartphone, so use these features on your smartphone, before you lose one.

Use of auto-lock and passcode

This is a baby step towards the safety of your smartphone. This feature is available both on iPhone and Android smartphones. This automatically locks your phone after a certain period of time which is set by the user or it gets automatically locks and demands a password (passcode) if someone tries to unlock your phone. Make sure you are using this feature, in order to restrict the thief from stealing your personal data.

Use of “find my phone app”

For Android phones, this feature can be accessed by Google account which tracks the lost phone and if not found it also helps in erasing all the data from the phone. This feature can be accessed by signing in iCloud on iOS devices. Also, a separate app called “find my phone” for Android and “find my iPhone” for iPhones has been developed.

Always attach a note under the cover your phone with your details

Now this one is little crazy, as we know if the intention was to return the phone than theft would not have happened at the first place. It’s always better to have little faith in humanity so keep a note with your details such as email, an alternative contact number or your postal address beneath the cover of your phone. Some decent person may have some mercy on you and return the device to you. This technique is very useful if the phone is misplaced or you left it somewhere.

Don’t save password on browser

All of us have a habit of saving our passwords into the browser so that we can access to different sites without signing in again and again. This habit is very dangerous if anyone gets access to those passwords you may be in problem, there are several risks such as banking access, personal data access, access to job-related files etc.

Back up your data

One of the greatest loss is the loss of all your mobile data, it not only threatens the permanent loss of our valuable data but also possess a severe threat to our personal security as the personal information stored in the mobile can be used by anti-social elements.

Save your IMEI number

Each smartphone model has unique identification number known as IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity). This number can help in tracking the lost mobile.

We have already discussed the safety measures to prevent the loss but what if the loss has already happened i.e. the phone has been stolen. Here are some instructions to be followed after your phone has been stolen.

  1. The first thing you need to do is call your bank and file a complaint about the incident to prevent any transaction from your bank account.
  2. Secondly change all the passwords, from your social networking sites to email ids change them all, do it less for yourself and more for your closed ones as your account details can be used for harming them.
  3. The third and very important thing to do is to file a police complaint about the theft, it may not help you to find your device but it may definitely prevent many illegal and anti-national activities.
  4. Go to find my phone app track down your phone’s location and if not found erase all the data from the phone. It would prevent misuse of personal data such as photos, videos etc. stored on the phone.
  5. Last but not the list, if you have insurance for your phone than reporting the theft to the insurance company and you will feel lucky about having done insurance for your phone.

There are minimum chances of getting back your lost smartphone but if you are lucky enough to recover your lost phone, for security reasons do wipe the phone before using it for personal needs.